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Vapurza Marathi Book Pdf Download

Vapurza Marathi Book PDF Download

Vapurza is a collection of short writings by the renowned Marathi author V. P. Kale, also known as Va Pu. The book was first published in 1999 and has been reprinted 17 times since then, due to its immense popularity among the readers. The book contains various topics ranging from philosophy, humor, life, love, spirituality, and more. The book is designed to be read randomly, without any order or sequence. The reader can open any page and enjoy the wisdom and wit of Va Pu.

The book has been praised by many critics and readers for its unique style and content. Some of the reviews are as follows:

vapurza marathi book pdf download

  • "A perfect coffee table book." - Mahadev Ghadi

  • "Books are not about passing time. They're about other lives. Other worlds. And Vapurza one of them." - Mukesh Gurav

  • "Very heart touching." - Sheetal Salunkhe-Rane

  • "Apratim." - Aniket Patil

The book is available in hard copy as well as in PDF format online. The hard copy can be purchased from Mehta Publishing House or BookGanga. The PDF version can be downloaded from VBOOK.PUB or GitHub. However, the PDF version may not have the same quality and layout as the original book. Therefore, it is recommended to buy the hard copy for a better reading experience.

Vapurza is a book that can be read anytime, anywhere, and by anyone. It is a book that can enrich your mind and soul with the insights and humor of Va Pu. It is a book that can make you laugh, cry, think, and feel. It is a book that you will never get tired of reading.

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