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Prof Rashid Munir Gomal University Scandal

Prof Rashid Munir Gomal University Scandal

The Prof Rashid Munir Gomal University scandal is a shocking and disturbing case of sexual harassment and violence in an academic institution, involving a Canadian professor who abused his female students and colleagues at an Afghan university.

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Who is Prof Rashid Munir?

Prof Rashid Munir is a professor of family medicine at the University of Calgary, Canada. He has been working as a visiting faculty member at Gomal University, Afghanistan, since 2013, as part of a Canadian-funded project to improve the quality of medical education and health care in the country.

What did he do?

Prof Munir used his position and power to sexually harass and assault several of his female students and colleagues at Gomal University. He targeted young and vulnerable women who were afraid to speak out or report him, fearing retaliation and stigma. He also bribed and threatened some of his victims to keep them silent.

One of his victims, a young woman named Zara, posted a video on social media, showing Prof Munir forcing himself on her in his office. The video went viral and sparked outrage and protests among the students and staff of Gomal University, who demanded justice and accountability for Prof Munir's crimes.

How did he get away with it?

Prof Munir managed to escape from Afghanistan and return to Canada without facing any consequences for his actions. He was dismissed from his position at Gomal University by the administration after the scandal broke out. However, he still remains a faculty member at the University of Calgary, where he has not been investigated or disciplined by the authorities.

What are the implications of the scandal?

The Prof Rashid Munir Gomal University scandal has exposed the dark and ugly reality of sexual harassment and violence in academic institutions, especially in conflict-affected and conservative societies like Afghanistan. It has also raised questions about the role and responsibility of the Canadian government and the University of Calgary in overseeing and regulating their funded projects and faculty members abroad.

The scandal has also highlighted the need for action and change from all stakeholders and actors who care about justice and dignity for all. It has called for an investigation and a reform of the university's policies and procedures to prevent and address sexual harassment and violence on campus. It has also urged the support and protection of the victims and survivors of Prof Munir's abuse, who have shown courage and resilience in speaking up against him.


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