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Mighty Raju Rio Calling: A Review

Mighty Raju Rio Calling is a 2014 Indian animated film directed by Rajiv Chilaka and Anirban Majumder. It is the fourth film in the Mighty Raju franchise, which follows the adventures of a four-year-old boy with superpowers. In this film, Mighty Raju travels to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where his father has been assigned a special mission by the Indian government. Along the way, he learns to play football, makes new friends, and faces various challenges from soccer rivals, mafia dons, and capoeira fighters.

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The film is a fun and colorful adventure that showcases the culture and beauty of Rio. The animation is vibrant and lively, and the characters are expressive and charming. The voice cast includes Kajol as Raju's mother Sandhya, who is happy to visit Rio, and Raju himself, who is sad to leave his friends behind in India. The film also features some catchy songs that capture the spirit of Brazil.

The film has a positive message about friendship, teamwork, and courage. Mighty Raju uses his wits and powers to overcome obstacles and help others in need. He also learns to appreciate the diversity and richness of different cultures. The film is suitable for children of all ages, as it has no violence or inappropriate content.

Mighty Raju Rio Calling is a delightful and entertaining film that will appeal to fans of animation and adventure. It is available to watch online on various platforms, such as Google Play Movies, YouTube, Amazon Video, and Prime Video. However, it is not advisable to download the movie for free from illegal sources, as that would be a violation of intellectual property rights and could result in legal consequences.

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